During Phase 1, our team would undergo a Discovery Session and TCO (total cost of ownership) Analysis with key stakeholders and end users. The TCO Analysis would show the timeline of the return on investment for moving from on-premise to a Virtual Private Cloud. It would also give a rough estimate of the overall cost of the solution. The Discovery Session would provide us details of the migration such as sizing, types of data, user accessibility, cloud provisioning, integration to other applications and virtual machines, etc. This phase lasts for 1 week.
Discovery Session & TCO Analysis
With the information obtained from the Discovery Session, our Architects and DevOps Engineers would begin development during Phase 2. During Cloud provisioning our team would incorporate and implement the security components, networking, virtual containerization, etc. Depending on the complexity of the migration, a timeline would be proposed from our team. Once the architecture is in place and cloud provisioning is complete, the extraction and migration phase would begin.
Design & Cloud Provisioning
Extraction and migration (more commonly known as lift and shift) is a very sensitive phase. During Phase 3, it is crucial that the migration does not interfere or slow down users from accessing the data on-premise while our team initiates the migration. The timeline for Phase 3 would be determined based on the type of data, quantity of data, user access regulations, etc.
Extraction & Migration
While your Virtual Private Cloud is being built, our team will undergo several layers of performance testing, security testing, disaster recovery testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing, etc. Once our internal testing is completed, your IT team would undergo their own level of testing to ensure quality control. Based on the complexity of the migration and the Virtual Private Cloud, our team would then assist in building a support environment and training for your organization.
Continuous Testing & Support Environment
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